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Big Savings Furniture is a family owned and operated furniture store. Since 2012 Big Savings Furniture has been growing in Mesa and surrounding cities. Our great selection, prices, and most importantly our service has been leading us to be recognized as one of the best furniture stores in the valley. Our promise to you is to serve you awesome customer service from beginning to end. Don't wait to long. Shop us and compare! 



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Lori S.

Lizzie B.

Finding this business has proven to be a "saving grace" for my large family. Their prices are not only reasonable but their financing options and timely delivery make them the clear choice for our furniture needs. This company has proven time and time again that they value me and my family as repeat customers and continue to deliver. The personal attention and consideration we receive is just a part of what keeps us coming back. 
I would highly recommend them for all of your furniture needs! They give anyone the tools they need to get the items they need regardless of time frame, budget, or finance needs.
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This is a family owned and family run business and it most certainly shows! (in a good way!) The father and son duo together are very knowledgeable and sincere concerning their customers inquiries. My fiance and I desperately needed a bed set TODAY and Jose not only gave us a great deal, but helped us get rid of our old mattress! And they were super fast for delivery too! The entire family seemed as though they truly cared about our situation, and helped us promptly and carefully. 

So instead of thinking that going to a bigger name brand store for your furniture needs is a "safer" idea, give these guys a try first! I promise you won't be disappointed! Thanks BSF( :
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Patty B.

James M.

These guys are awesome!!!  

I called them today (talked with Jose) and asked about their mattress prices and if they could deliver today... they were the lowest prices in town on both product and delivery. And yes I they could deliver by 3:30!!  With guest coming from out of town I didn't want them sleeping on the floor.  Because of Jose they won't have to sleep on the floor.

Jose was AWESOME in both customer service and delivery.  If you need anything go to these guys first!
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After going to several big box stores and applying for "easy financing" and getting outrageous terms, I walked into Big Savings and said to myself I'll just get a $200 bed and call it a day. I wanted a firm quality mattress and $200 doesn't get you that anywhere! Trust me. Jose showed me a few selections and gave me pricing. Said financing was very simple and indeed it was! Ended up financing a beautiful, firm, quality queen mattress, box spring and very durable king/queen frame. Decided to give them $150 down (although I didn't have to) and only $420 balance with 90 days same as cash option ( or 12 months). Not to mention Jose delivered it all that afternoon and brought it straight into my 2nd story apartment free of any charge! Threw me a free memory foam pillow too! Excellent service, excellent prices. I'll definitely be back for future purchases! They have an extensive, high quality, affordable inventory! Cheers Big Savings, you guys are great and I'm sleeping like a baby!
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